What is Mekong Online Global Selling?

MEKONG ONLINE GLOBAL SELLING is a Vietnam-based B2B2C E-commerce pioneer. With a mission to empower all SMEs into the modern world, the company was inspired and established as one of the pioneers in the B2B2C modern online marketplace in Vietnam.


Overview of

Mekong Online Global Selling (MekongOn for short) or is an E-commerce with high-standard products made in Vietnam quality. Recently, customers of other foreign countries is interesting in medical products on MekongOn researched and connected with reliable vendors to import face mask from Vietnam in particular and other medical equipment in general.


Outstanding Product on Mekong Online Global Selling

Nowadays, the pandemic has not had signs to have stopped yet soon, so everyone should prepare medical products at home to protect themselves and their relatives. will assist you to order and buy standard products easily.

Remarkable brands of face masks as Hamita, Ecom Med, Hafaro, … is still a supplier providing medical equipment and products for shops or companies or enterprises (B2B) in the foreign marketplace. Popular items as medical gloves, medicine (licensed government), hand sanitizer, etc.


How to Order on MekongOn

Please access to website: to get more information about products and brands from Vietnam. MekongOn has the variety of categories from health to beauty, equipment, etc… so that you can enjoy shopping.

Just by click products and add to cart. And, it is easier for you if you register an account on MekongOn to check orders or follow. When you buy something that has problems, you can feedback and MekongOn will directly solve your problems. In addition, not to waste the time of both, Mekong Online Global Selling asks you that should register an account on MekongOn.


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