Vietnam manufacturing products always meet quality standards


Are Vietnamese-made products good?

Vietnam manufacturing products are highly appreciated by international friends. Not only is the price affordable, but the product quality is also extremely good. Vietnam has many 5-star manufacturing factories of international standards on a large scale. The manufactured products are strictly monitored and tested. Therefore, you can completely trust the quality product made in Vietnam.


Vietnam manufacturing products


In the face of the covid pandemic around the world. Vietnam has conducted research and launched products to help people prevent Covid disease such as medical masks, medical gloves, hand wash gel vectors, … These products are all of the high quality and approved. thoroughly tested before launching into the market. These products are also very affordable.

Vietnam – The best-selling items in the Covid season

To support the world against the Covid pandemic, Vietnam has produced medical gloves and hand wash gel vectors. With the desire to contribute to saving the world. Vietnam manufacturing products always ensure quality.

Medical gloves Vietnam

Medical gloves Vietnam are protective gloves that are thin, light, long, and are used in the fields of medicine, food, laboratories, light industry, etc. With the use of keeping hygiene, avoiding Hand contamination to work tools and vice versa protect hands from chemical substances.


Medical gloves Vietnam

Medical gloves in Vietnam are commonly used in hospitals, research rooms, etc. Medical gloves are also a means of personal protection for doctors, medical staff, and even patients’ family members to prevent infectious conditions when in direct contact with patients.

Vietnam hand wash gel vector

Hand wash gel vector is a product that contains disinfectants, antiseptics that help fight bacteria, kill bacteria, along with fragrance ingredients. In addition, manufacturers also add ingredients such as moisturizing and nourishing to help better protect the skin of the hands.


Vietnam hand wash gel vector

Currently, on the market, there are two main types of hand sanitizers.

  • For normal hand wash gel vectors, when using, apply to your hands and rinse with water. This type of hand wash gel vector has many scents, washes cleaner, and is very suitable for use at home, restaurants, or offices.
  • This type of hand wash gel vector is a product that many young people love because of its convenience, compactness, and ease of carrying. Hand washes gel vector is a spray or gel hand sanitizer. No need to rinse with water when using. Just put it in your hand, spread it evenly within 30 seconds.

Where should I buy Medical gloves and hand-wash gel vectors?

If you are intending to buy Vietnam manufacturing products, or immediately visit the MeKongOn e-commerce platform to order the best Vietnamese products.

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