Vietnam Fabric Face Mask Manufacturer Effort For Green Environment

Did you know about Vietnam fabric face mask Manufacturer? Are you looking for reusable cloth masks to save money and effort? We are ready to help you to find your own solution.

Vietnam fabric face mask Manufacturer together to solve emerging environmental problems

The Covid-19 pandemic creates a huge consumption for disposable medical masks. This brings economic opportunities for mask manufacturers, creating many jobs for people. 

However, it also brings significant harm to the environment. That is the fact that used medical masks are thrown out in large quantities into the environment. Because the fabric of medical masks is difficult to decompose in the natural environment. The lack of awareness of disposing of masks against the regulations of many people can cause environmental pollution. 


According to statistics, in an island region of Hong Kong, researchers found 70 masks discarded within less than 100 meters on the beach. Not only is it harmful to the environment, this action can also harm marine life if they are accidentally swallowed. This raises an alarm for the disposal of medical masks into the environment. 

Therefore, it is necessary to have new initiatives to reduce this harmful waste. For example, the reuse of disposable medical masks, the use of fabric masks, etc. This measure has now been produced by Vietnam fabric face mask Manufacturer to help reduce harm to the environment.

Fabric mask on Mekong Marketplace 

Although it is necessary to reduce the amount of waste, the main and only purpose of using a mask is to protect from dust and bacteria, especially in the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. everywhere. Manufacturers must ensure that using a mask product many times can still be antibacterial, dustproof and protect consumers’ health.

On mekong marketplace, GENMARK cloth masks are available. This is an Import and export of Vietnam manufactured with Smart Fabric technology to ensure effectiveness against dust and bacteria in the air. The researched product can deactivate more than 93% of Corona bacteria on surfaces in 5 minutes and 99.99% within an hour. This product can be washed and reused many times. Saving money and effort for customers much.



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