Top Products Made Vietnam Reputation


There are many products made Vietnam reputation simply because of the good quality of Vietnam products. MekongOn will tell you something you can’t miss when talking about Vietnam.

Products Made Vietnam Reputation

1. Food

Many foreigners admit that Vietnam is a paradise for food lovers. Vietnamese cuisine is popular not only for hot dishes like pho, banh mi, … but also agricultural products. Walking along every street in Vietnam, foreigners easily find traditional markets or stores that sell all kinds of local food.


Dried mango

During the pandemic, if you cannot go to Vietnam and try our hot meal, dry food like nuts, cereal, or dried fruits will be the best choice. Dried fruits provide high levels of fiber and vitamins that contain the energy needed for your body. They can also become the favorite snack for people of all ages.

2. Coffee

Coffee production has been a major source of income for Vietnam since the early 20th century. Make a strong and flavourful cup of coffee has become a habit for local people in the morning. There are many types of coffee in Vietnam, dark brown coffee with or without condensed milk, coconut coffee, egg coffee, … All these kinds of coffee also have an instant version for those who want to try it at home. The taste is as good as the traditional coffee in the cafe.


Instant coffee

3. Medical products


In recent days, the Vietnam government increase support and push up export medical products for many countries in need of these products during the waves of the Covid-19 pandemic. Customers have voiced the rising demand to buy medical supplies, such as face mask Vietnamese, Our local manufactures provide medical products that meet international standards with competitive prices. Vietnam is developing and raising its name on medical industry. 

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