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  1. Warranty conditions:

Products are free warranty if guaranteed all the following conditions:

– Product warranty on the list from the manufacturer or distributor.

– Product technical error by the manufacturer.

– The warranty period on the warranty remains in effect.

– Warranty intact, not patchwork, not scratched or repaired, smeared.

– Full warranty information: product code, serial number, manufacturing date, customer name used, address, date of purchase.

– Warranty stamp and stamp seals (if any) by the manufacturers on the product intact.

Products not covered by warranty or repaired for a reasonable rate/fee will fall into one of the following cases:

– The product is not on the list of warranties from the manufacturer or distributor.

– The product does not satisfy one of the conditions of the warranty in Section 1.

– The series, model product warranty does not match.

– Customers voluntarily intervened to repair the product or repaired at the service center without the authorization of the Manufacturer.

– Products are damaged due to user error, and the error is not damaged to the extent warranted by the manufacturers.

– The case of warranty, the customer care staff of will be well-informed advice to customers before carrying out maintenance procedures.

  1. Warranty period: depends on the manufacturers, The warranty period of the Product is calculated from the date of purchase on the customer’s invoice, and/or the product is activated for warranty. 
  2. Warranty service methods
  • Warranty centers:
    Warranty centers are mentioned in the warranty card supplied with the product. Please follow the information in the warranty card to contact the Service centers of Suppliers/ Distributors. The customer service department is available to support customer information about the service centers of Manufacturers, distributors engaged in the product warranty system. Supplier’s information is mentioned on the delivery invoice/ receipt supplied with the product.
    If you have difficulty in contacting the Service Centre, please contact the Customer Service department of La Vie, mail address for assistance.

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