Reusable Vietnam Fabric Face Mask Manufacturer


Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in the whole world, people changed and chose face mask products made in Vietnam. One of them, Vietnam fabric face mask manufacturer is preferred to choose. Fabric face mask in Vietnam protects not only your health, but also the environment. Besides that, Vietnam fabric face mask can be reusable some times (at least 3 – 5 times) depending on each of type.

Common Vietnam fabric face mask manufacturer on MekongOn

We have produced over 1,000,000 reusable cloth face masks in Vietnam since March 2020. We are a reusable cloth face masks manufacturer in Vietnam ready to receive your order of flu face masks made in Vietnam. Vietnam is capable of manufacturing high-quality products at lower production costs. Also, during this pandemic period, our team is already looking into manufacturing masks in Vietnam.

Nowadays, VGH is a popular brand on MekongOn as Vietnam face mask supplier. Special for this brand offer is reusable fabric face mask manufacturer in this tough period.


Popular product made in Vietnam

Towards Vietnam fabric face mask manufacturer is VGH, and more specific is Genmask. With the function:

+ Smart Fabric – Technology for Comfort

GENMASK is made of Smart Fabric which creates comfort for users. It ensures a good flow of air through the mask. Smart Fabric is specialized in keeping warm in winter and cool in summer.


+ Saving Environment and Money

Covid-19 pandemic brings a new crisis to the environment. This is an outbreak of plastic waste from the single-use masks. Genmask provides the perfect solution by:

  • Combining protection: health & environment & money
  • Reducing waste: the virus killing function lasts more than 150 gentle washes

You can use a mask for 5 months even if you wash it every day. You save the environment, the money, and the trouble of frequently buying masks.

The process of fabric face mask manufacturer


  • Cutting of fabric: Firstly, the fabric goes through this cutting machine. This ensures the sizes are uniform and reduce human error.
  • Sewing: the factory workers will then sew the masks using sewing machines. Each day, thousands of masks are done in the factory.
  • Packaging and Packing: Then, the masks are packed into polybags or ziplock bags. They can be packed individually, in 2’s or 5’s. Then, they are packed into carton boxes.
  • Delivery: After they are packed into boxes, they are ready to be shipped out.

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