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Wrinkle Reduction Cream – Thorakao


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Gross Weight: 30g
Factors that can cause premature aging of our skin such as weather, environment and lifestyle, visible consequences such as dehydration, loss of elasticity, loose skin structure, sagging. reduce the metabolism of the skin. Wrinkle reduction cream is a method of care and prevention of signs of skin aging. Wrinkle reduction cream is combined with active ingredients extracted from marine algae, Laminaria brown algae has the ability to regenerate Collagen, increase elasticity between tissue fibers and have the function of cooling and cooling the skin, preventing aging skin, reduce wrinkles, help skin firm and connective cells. Wrinkle reduction cream is an effective beauty solution for your skin. 
            - Reduce wrinkles, help firm skin.
            - Prevent skin aging, soften skin.
            - Balance sebum secretion on the skin, white skin.
User manual:
            - Before using, wash your face, take an appropriate amount and spread evenly over the face.
            - Use regularly every day for results.
Care instructions: Keep out of reach of children
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Wrinkle Reduction Cream - Thorakao