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Soyn Decorative Painting- Da Lat Chicken Church- DL04-Fabric


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Soyn Decorative Painting- Da Lat Chicken Church- DL04:

+Trademark: Soyn

+Supplier: Soyn

+Type:Decorative Painting

+Room: Living room

+Color: White

+Material: Fabric


  •      Length: 60(cm)
  •      Width: 40 (cm)
  •      Height: 3(cm)



Soyn Decorative Painting- Da Lat Chicken Church- DL04:

1.Product Description:

+Da Lat collection depicts the peaceful and poetic features of the romantic foggy city through sketching and watercolor techniques.

+The painting is suitable for living room, office, restaurant, homestay or as a meaningful gift for family and loved ones. The painting is digitally inkjet printed on a sharp canvas, with professional framing techniques.

+This painting set comes packaged with a tripod, easy to hang on the wall.

+Material: Cotton Canvas, pine wood.

+Ink: Canon Japan for true, accurate colors, no harmful substances, safe to use.

+Products are packed in polite, sturdy and safe carton boxes.


+Length: 60(cm)

+Width: 40 (cm)

+Height: 3(cm)

3.Instructions for preserving Soyn Paintings of Da Lat Chicken Church DL04:


  – Felt interior is not too difficult to clean, however, homeowners need to pay attention to regular cleaning, periodically at least once a week to prevent dust from sticking, and at the same time to help the product stay new.

– Basic cleaning with vacuum cleaner or towels.

– Regular cleaning 1 – 3 months / 1 time.

– Some covers can be removed for hand or machine washing. Soak upholstered fabric with non-bleach soap (to prevent color fading) for about 30 minutes, then rinse in cold water and dry thoroughly before re-wrapping. Avoid letting damp fabrics cause odors.

– Prioritize dry cleaning for felt fabric products. Homeowners can rent dry cleaning services periodically.

– Some ways to clean felt fabric furniture in specific cases:

+ In case the product has ink from the ballpoint pen:

  • Alcohol is a suitable cleaning agent when interior felt has ink from ballpoint pens.
  • Homeowners can pour a little alcohol directly on the ink stain, then use absorbent paper to let the ink gradually absorb into the paper. Repeat the action several times. Finally wash the cover with soap.
  • Use specialized cleaners (water, powder, ..): Spray or sprinkle powder on the stain and then use a damp cloth or sponge to clean.

+ In case the product is dusty:

  •  Use a vacuum cleaner. In the case of felt sofas, pay attention to vacuuming dust from nooks and crannies.
  •  Cover the chair with a damp cloth and hit it with a stick. Dust will rise from the chair and stick to the damp cloth. Repeat the operation several times until the dust is clear.
  • Every 1-2 months, peel the seat cushions for washing with soap or dry cleaning.

+In case the product has an odor

Furniture products, especially sofas, when used for a while, will be haunted by body odors, dirt odors, food odors, etc. Then, homeowners can:

  •  Use specialized deodorant sprays.
  • Use essential oils, aromatherapy: Put a few drops of your favorite scent on a small cotton stick, wrap it in a tissue and hide behind pillows to spread the fragrance.
  •  Wash the cushion covers, chairs when they are smelly or wash them every 1-2 months. Fabric products, felt safe with water softener.



– Avoid placing fabric and felt furniture products in direct sunlight.

– Keep the product in a dry place, away from water sources, avoid moisture.

– In case the product is wet, remove the cover and dry clean.

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Soyn Decorative Painting- Da Lat Chicken Church- DL04-Fabric

Soyn Decorative Painting- Da Lat Chicken Church- DL04-Fabric