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Rice ST25 – Uncle Ho Quang Cua


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Best specialty rice in the world in 2019

Product weight 5kg
Vietnamese brand
Made in Vietnam

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Introducing ST25 rice – Uncle Ho Quang Cua

ST25 specialty rice – Uncle Ho Quang Cua was recognized as the best rice in the world in 2019 in  Manila (Philippines).

ST25 rice variety was successfully bred by Engineer Ho Quang Cua and Soc Trang rice research team for 12 years. The best rice in the world ST25 is produced by engineer Ho Quang Cua, son of Soc Trang, and two members, Dr. Tran Tan Phuong (currently the Director of the Provincial Plant Breeding Center) and Master Nguyen Thi Thu Huong (former of Chi Minh City). Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Cultivation and Plant Protection), with the initial purpose of “Breeding fragrant rice varieties and learning from experience on the method of rice hybridization to have the highest quality rice”.

Since then, a series of  specialty rice ST products were born, especially ST25 which was recognized by the World as the best rice in 2019.

The characteristics of ST25 rice are:

Like long grain rice, not white belly
Cook fragrant, flexible, sweet rice that is very attractive
With the aroma of pandan leaves, the rice is still fragrant even after it has cooled down.

Rice ST25 - Uncle Ho Quang Cua

Specialty rice in the Mekong Delta – Ho Quang Cua

When cooked into rice, it is very flexible and delicious, the aroma is very specific and attractive, even if it is cooled, the rice is still very delicious. This makes ST25 excellently pass the rigorous criteria of the contest organizers, including famous chefs in the world, to be voted the best rice in the world.

In terms of nutritional composition, this rice also has a high protein content, suitable for people with diabetes, both the elderly and children.

Rice ST25 - Uncle Ho Quang Cua

ST25 specialty rice – The best rice in the world in 2019

Instructions to cook delicious rice with rice ST25 – Uncle Ho Quang Cua

How to cook this type of rice for delicious, standard rice, you just need to cook a little water, wash the rice and then fill the rice with water 1cm, equivalent to 2/3 of your index finger. You also do not need to stir while cooking rice. Hot rice is delicious all day without losing taste.

The story of breeding the best rice in the world in 2019 ST25

Agronomist engineer Ho Quang Cua and his colleagues said that from a visit to the field more than 20 years ago when Thailand had 2 delicious rice varieties dubbed as golden seeds, while Vietnam and Vietnam had two varieties of rice. There is no recognized rice variety.

From there, he started researching fragrant rice varieties for Vietnam in Soc Trang from the strange rice variety VD20. The research team collected a full range of delicious rice varieties from the North, Central and South to countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, IRRI (International Rice Research Institute), … Then hybridized to form nests. combine and combine from parent breeds, then continue to select and learn from experience, then build and hybridize new combinations.

The process of crossbreeding, selecting varieties between complexes takes a long time to produce a stable line that takes 11-12 crops and the size of the breeding area is quite large…. Persevering in research, engineer Ho Quang Cua and his colleagues also found a quality rice variety starting in 2009, then recognized and won the Golden Rice Award.

Continuing, the hybrid rice varieties were selected for another 6 years, then planted and tested until 2016 to produce ST24 and the most successful was ST25. In 2018, this variety won again in the 3rd Vietnam Rice Festival. Selected by the Vietnam Food Association (VFA) for the 11th international competition in Manila (Philippines) from November 10 to 13/ 11. The results both entered the top of the world and ST25 rice variety was selected by the jury to award the first prize of this contest.

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Rice ST25 - Uncle Ho Quang Cua

Rice ST25 - Uncle Ho Quang Cua