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Pure Coconut Milk – Ben Tre Coconut

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  • Calories (100kcal)
  • Total fat (5g)
  • Cholesterol (0g)
  • Sodium (100mg)
  • Carbohydrates (15g)
  • Sugar (10g)
  • Protein (<1g)
  • Calcium (328mg)
  • Potassium (360mg)
  • Phosphorus (33mg)
  • Magnesium (79mg)
  • Lauric acid (2.3 g)


Cocoxim pure coconut milk is a delicate combination of Ben Tre pure coconut water and cold pressed coconut milk from fresh copra, creating a nutritious and cool drink for an efficient and active working day.

Not only providing nutrients and minerals from coconut, the product also provides lauric acid – an antibacterial acid – found only in coconut milk and breast milk to help increase the body’s resistance.

Cocoxim pure coconut milk now also adds Calcium from North Atlantic red seaweed, helping to strengthen bones and make the body healthier.


– Cocoxim coconut milk is packaged in 6-layer packaging with UHT direct sterilization technology to help prolong the shelf life of 12 months without preservatives.

-330ml / box, carton of 12 boxes

– Modern and dynamic dream cap screw cap

Betrimex100% vegan                                                                                          BetrimexSuitable for vegans
BetrimexNo preservatives                                                                                     BetrimexNo Cholesterol
BetrimexContains Lauric Acid and 5 natural minerals from coconut           BetrimexAlready exported to America and Europe
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Pure Coconut Milk - Ben Tre Coconut

Pure Coconut Milk - Ben Tre Coconut