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Premium 250ml Latte Coffee Drink Private Brand

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Premium 250ml Latte Coffee drink

Sample : free sample
Volume : 250 ml
Packaging : Slim can Aluminum can
Shelf life : 24 months
Payment term : L/C,T/T
FOB Price : Get Latest Price
Certification :
Minimum order quantity : 200 Carton/Order
Supply ability :
300 Twenty-Foot Container/Month.

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We are in the tropical region of Vietnam:

Being geographically located in the tropical zone, Vietnam is truly a heaven when it comes to fruits. One who first comes to the country will be amazed at the countless number of colorful fruits sold at a very reasonable price in every street and market all year round.

Tropical fruits are often found very nutritious, providing a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins (especially A and C), minerals and fibers. Its flavor is often the extreme of either sweet or sour, and many come with a particular fragrance that is unmistakable. Due to the typical weather conditions, the fruit’s colors are vibrantly eye-catching, with red, yellow and orange among the most popular ones. The abundance of fruits in the region also means that people use fruits in many different ways: eating raw, making juices, mixing salad, preserving jams and many other delicious desserts. In northern Vietnam and central highland areas, where the temperature is cooler with four separate seasons, farmers also grow temperate fruits such as apple, strawberry, cherry, grape, peach, or pear, making the collection of fruits in Vietnam an extremely rich one.

The reasons why you can rely on us for quality drinks:

– Fruit harvesting properly ensures sweet and sour moderate.

– Only select the fresh and hygienic fruit as raw material.

– Professional R&D team keeps improving the formula and process to get better taste and high-quality beverages.

– Talented European design team offering original designs for labels, packages, barcodes.

– Abundant experience serving the world’s supermarkets, online shops, wholesalers, importers.

– Lower your cost from free samples and design labels.

– Improve your competition by supporting promotions regularly.

– Right reserved attractive bottle shapes.

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Premium 250ml Latte Coffee Drink Private Brand