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Lotus Candle-LED-LEDNHS


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+Product code: LEDNHSNH

+Dimensions: 8.5×8.5×6.5cm

+Burning time: 14 hours

+Color: Light pink, light yellow:

+Scent:Lavender, Madagascar

The product changes 7 colors continuously when lit, used in worship, ceremony, events.


Lotus candle – Electronic candle- Quang Minh Candle

+Design of lotus, symbol of Buddhism.

+ Delicate and delicate lotus petals. The lotus is not only beautiful on the outside, but also exudes majesty on the inside.

+ There is always a saying in the world: “There is nothing as beautiful as a lotus in a lagoon, near the mud but without the foul smell of mud”

+Dimensions: 8.5×8.5×6.5cm

+ Burning time: 14 hours

+Color: Light pink, light yellow

+Scent: Lavender, Madagascar


+ Natural scent helps reduce stress, deodorize the air, relieve headaches, …

+ Delicately designed in lotus shape, suitable for worship, decoration, ceremony, events…

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Lotus Candle-LED-LEDNHS

Lotus Candle-LED-LEDNHS