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Juno Women’s Sneakers- Classic Stick With Me- TT03032

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Soften leather shoes

Leather shoes left for too long are not used, sometimes they will shrink, easy to cause foot pain when used. To soften shoes, you can apply a layer of Vaseline on the shoes for a few hours to soften the shoes again. For suede shoes, you can use a damp soft cloth to wipe the entire shoe, overnight, the leather will be much softer.

In order for the leather to last for a long time, remember to limit wetting the shoes. When shoes are wet, do not heat them in the sun, dry them in the sun or use a hot dryer, they will harden, shrink or damage the leather surface. Use dry paper to crumple and place in shoes to absorb moisture, dry shoes in a shady place. After drying, with leather shoes, you should apply vaseline, polish to soften and shine again.

Store shoes when not in use

When the shoes are not in use, put some scrap paper inside the shoes to keep them in good shape and then put them in the shoe box with the blue hygroscopic card that is always included when you buy the shoes. When you need to use it, apply the ways to soften leather shoes above, so your shoes will always be as beautiful as new.

To know how much your foot size fits Juno’s shoe size, please take the following measurement.


Step 1 : Place your foot on a white sheet of paper, then use a pen to draw the entire foot (for accuracy, you must place the pen vertically and perpendicular to the paper)
Step 2:  Use a ruler or string to measure a circle around the widest part of the foot in a sitting or standing position with both legs.

Compare the table below to know your shoe size!

SIZE   Foot length           Finger joint ring

      (Measured in a sitting position)             

Finger joint ring    

(Measured in a standing position with two legs)

34 21.2 20.45 20.65
35 21.9 20.95 21.15
36 22.5 21.4 21.6
37 23.2 21.9 22.1
38 23.9 22.4 22.6
39 24.5 22.85 23
40 25.2 23.35 23.55
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Juno Women's Sneakers- Classic Stick With Me- TT03032

$28,3$33,6 (-16%)

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