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Hapaku Coffee Scented Bag – 100% Pure ARABICA Coffee


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Hapaku's Arabica coffee aroma bags bring the pure, natural aroma from 100% Coffee Arabica, meticulously screened from the quality coffee sources of the Central Highlands mountains and forests. The aroma of coffee will definitely give you a feeling of refreshment, alertness, and creative stimulation. Besides, it also helps to eliminate odors, absorb moisture, and bring a light, pleasant fragrance to the space.


Coffee aroma has a very positive impact on human health and behavior.

Professor Yoshinori Masuo, who led the study on “the effect of coffee aroma on the brain” in Tsukuba, Japan, said that when people drink coffee to stay up at night, just smell it. The aroma of coffee can reduce stress caused by insomnia.

In fact, the aroma of roasted coffee can “wake up” your brain. According to a study from Compound, the aroma of roasted coffee acts as a stimulant, helping to improve concentration, the ability to work of the human brain, causing excitement to work a more efficient way.

In addition, coffee is also too familiar to us because for a long time, people have known the application of coffee to dehumidify, repel flies, mosquitoes and insects.


– 100% natural Arabica coffee

– Source of quality raw materials, meticulously and carefully screened from Cau Dat Arabica

Hapaku Coffee Scented Bag - 100% Pure ARABICA Coffee


– Quickly helps to absorb moisture, odors, unpleasant odors in the refrigerator, car, wardrobe, …

– Bring a light, seductive fragrance to your space

– Helps to wake up, relieve stress, stimulate creativity and excitement to work more effectively

– Anti motion sickness


– Safe, easy to use

– No additives, no preservatives and safe for both pregnant women and children

– Coffee is selected, roasted and ground according to a special formula to achieve the best aroma without any further seasoning.

– Lovely bag, suitable for decoration, sewn in 2 layers

– Hapaku closes the vacuum bag and adds 80g of coffee, when the coffee in the fragrant bag is gone, you just need to open the vacuum bag, then replace the new coffee to continue using.


– Just peel off the vacuum bag, then hang the fragrant coffee bag in spaces such as cars, refrigerators, wardrobes, offices, … the light coffee aroma of Arabica coffee will radiate. throughout your space.


– 80g x 2

– Packing: 1 box will include 1 complete aroma bag, and will be given an extra bag of carefully vacuumed coffee, so that customers can replace it themselves when the coffee in the fragrant bag is out of smell.

Hapaku Coffee Scented Bag - 100% Pure ARABICA Coffee


-Arabica coffee aroma bags of Hapaku brand, made entirely in Vietnam.

Hapaku Coffee Scented Bag - 100% Pure ARABICA Coffee


Order online at: www.hapaku.vn

Order by phone hotline: 090 157 6969 / 024 6259 6316

Hanoi: 6th Floor, Golden Field Building, 24 Nguyen Co Thach, Nam Tu Liem

Ho Chi Minh City: 60A Duong Khue – Hiep Tan – Tan Phu

Da Nang : 141 Tran Phu , Hai Chau


Head office: No. 28, Link 8, Van Khe Urban Area, Hanoi

Transaction office: 6th floor, Golden Field Building, 24 Nguyen Co Thach, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

Trademark registration certificate number : 284338 issued by the National Office of Intellectual Property .

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Hapaku Coffee Scented Bag - 100% Pure ARABICA Coffee