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Deep Pan- Material Stone-Magnetic Bottom-SUNHOUSE SHG1228MMA-COOKWARE

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Deep Pan- Material Stone-Magnetic Bottom-SUNHOUSE SHG1228MMA-COOKWARE

Code: SHG1228MMA


  • Modern stone texture design.
  • Bakelite plastic handle covered with silicone is smooth, effective insulation.
  • Non-stick stone grain 5 layers durable and safe.

  • Deep pan, easy to cook.

  • Magnetic bottom, suitable for all types of stoves

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Deep Pan- Material Stone-Magnetic Bottom-SUNHOUSE SHG1228MMA-COOKWARE


  • In SUNHOUSE’s diverse product list, deep pans are an indispensable product group. With the outstanding advantage of the height of the pan, the SUNHOUSE deep pan makes it easy to cook larger amounts of food, suitable for deep-fried dishes. In particular, the super deep stone bottom pan from SUNHOUSE SHG1228MMA uses 5-layer anti-stone resistance, high durability, helping you comfortably cook delicious dishes for family meals.


+  Modern stone pattern:

  • Not only using non-stick stone veins inside the pan, the outside surface of the pan is also electrostatically painted with beautiful stone textures, creating a modern appearance.

+Thick rim of the pan:

  • While cooking or cleaning, it’s hard to avoid bumps against the sides of the pan. With a thick edge of the pan up to 6mm, the super durable deep pan with rock bottom from SUNHOUSE SHG1228MMA can minimize distortion when bumped, making the pan more durable.

+Soft, heat-insulated bakelite plastic handle:

  • The long pan handle is made of bakelite plastic, firmly bolted, easy to lift or move. In particular, the outside of the pan is covered with a smooth silicone layer, effectively insulating, not only ensuring safety but also bringing comfort to the user.

3:Function: Optimized Frying:

+Non-stick stone grain 5 layers durable and safe:

  • The product uses 5-layer stone grain non-stick for optimal durability. As a result, you can reduce a significant amount of fat when frying without worrying about the risk of food sticking to the pan. This thick non-stick coating also ensures the health of the whole family.

+Deep pan, easy to cook:

  • The product has a high wall, so it is capable of frying a much larger amount of food than shallow pans and mezzanine pans of the same diameter. This is also the optimal choice for deep-fried dishes such as fried fish, KFC chicken, … because of the advantage of effectively limiting oil splashes.

+Solid die-cast aluminum, even heat distribution:

  • The super-durable deep pan from SUNHOUSE SHG1228MMA is made of thick monolithic die-cast aluminum, which distributes heat evenly throughout the pan, making food even and delicious easier.

+Magnetic bottom, suitable for all types of stoves:

  • The pan is integrated with a magnetic bottom, making it easy to be flexible on a variety of stoves, including induction cookers, infrared cookers, gas stoves, …


  • Size Pan mouth diameter: 28 cm
  • Pan body height: 92 mm
  • Material Die-cast aluminum
  • Color:Green
  • Pan wall thickness 2 mm
  • Outer surface: Insulating paint with stone pattern
  • Durable and safe 5-layer stone-patterned non-stick pan
  • Pan bottom: Magnetic bottom, suitable for all types of stoves
  • Word bottom: Yes Other features: Even heat distribution
  • Brand: SUNHOUSE
  • Made in Viet Nam
  • Weight: 1.05 kg
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Deep Pan- Material Stone-Magnetic Bottom-SUNHOUSE SHG1228MMA-COOKWARE