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Food Container Set – 5 Pcs-KB-BA5B01W-BIOZONE 16CM

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Food Container Set - 5 Pcs-KB-BA5B01W-BIOZONE 16CM

Code: KB-BA5B01W


  • Made of high quality virgin PP imported from Korea
  • BPA free - 100%. Safe for health

  • Square design, compact, space-saving

  • Good bearing capacity, smooth surface, limited scratches to keep the basket durable.

  • Convenient to store food, fruits, vegetables



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Food Container Set – 5 Pcs-KB-BA5B01W-BIOZONE 16CM

1.Product overview:

  • BioZone is a brand of SUNHOUSE Group in the field of Kitchen Tools, aiming for the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.
  • All products under SUNHOUSE’s BioZone brand are manufactured on modern technological lines and strictly quality controlled by Korean experts.

  • In particular, the BioZone food basket is a line of plastic baskets made from primary PP plastic materials, safe for health, meeting the needs of storing a variety of foods at home.


  • High quality ingredients:

  BioZone KB-BA5B01W food basket is made of PP plastic imported from Korea. This is a high-quality primary plastic, BPA-free, safe for health and highly durable.

  • Design handy: 

The basket has many spokes with moderate spacing, easy to pour water, can hold even small foods such as bean sprouts, sliced ​​vegetables. The base is relatively high, helping to isolate food from the kitchen table and floor, limiting dust.


  • Compact, space saving:

The basket has a compact, square design with a width of 16cm, a height of 8cm, easily stacked, saving space for your kitchen.

  • Durable:

  Unlike conventional plastic baskets, BioZone plastic baskets are made from PP plastic with high durability, good bearing capacity, smooth surface, limited scratches and stains.

  • Meet many food storage needs at home:

With 5 lovely baskets, you can use it for many purposes such as: storing food for hot pot, storing fruits, vegetables, dried seeds, herbs, …

4.User manual:

  • Used to store food
  • Do not use sharp objects to rub the product


  • Product name: Set of 5 food baskets BioZone 16cm
  • Product group:Basket set

  • Composition: Body

  • Material: virgin PP plastic

  • Weight: 175 g

  • Dimensions:160x160x80 mm

  • Brand:BioZone – Trademark of SUNHOUSE

  • Made in Viet Nam

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Food Container Set - 5 Pcs-KB-BA5B01W-BIOZONE 16CM

Food Container Set - 5 Pcs-KB-BA5B01W-BIOZONE 16CM