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Fitis Vegetable Spinning Basket- Plastic-Blue


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Fitis Vegetable Spinning Basket-Blue:

-Trademark: Fitis

        -Supplier: Fitis

+Species: Containers & Storage.

+Room: Kitchen.

+Color: Red, Green, Blue.

+Material: Plastic.


  •        Length: 24(cm)
  •        Width:23 (cm)
  •        Height: 16.5(cm)
  •        Diameter: 24(cm)
  •        Depth:16(cm)

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Fitis Vegetable Spinning Basket-Blue:

1.Product Description:

+Instead of washing the vegetables and fruits, we have to pick up the basket of vegetables, quickly fan the water on the floor to splash the water out, the vegetables quickly dry easily to make a delicious salad or store for a long time in the refrigerator.

+With this traditional method, it takes skill because vegetables and fruits can be splashed and the kitchen floor will definitely get wet.

+To overcome that, Fitis fruit and vegetable rotating basket was born with many convenient advantages.

+Vegetables and fruits that are squeezed dry by the Fitis vegetable basket are not crushed, dry, can be stored in the refrigerator and preserved for a long time.

+The Fitis vegetable basket has a simple and easy-to-use design, including: centrifugal rotating lid, vegetable rotating cage and outer bowl.

+In addition, the rotating cage can also be used as a normal basket, very neat and convenient.

+Dimensions: 24 x 23 x 16.5 cm.


+Length: 24(cm)

+Width:23 (cm)

+Height: 16.5(cm)

+Diameter: 24(cm)


3.Storage instructions:


+Plastic products are waterproof, so homeowners do not need to worry about cleaning.

+However, to keep the product fresh, it is still important to pay attention to: Use a soft cloth/soft brush to absorb water and wipe away the stains.

+You can use common cleaning products such as diluted dishwashing liquid or professional cleaning solutions.


+Do not place plastic products near a heat source to avoid melting.

+Do not expose the product to direct sunlight.

+Do not place too many heavy objects on plastic furniture.

+Regularly clean daily and periodically clean once a week to deodorize and avoid mold.



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Fitis Vegetable Spinning Basket- Plastic-Blue

Fitis Vegetable Spinning Basket- Plastic-Blue