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Fitis Compact Trash Can – Gray-Plastic Trash


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+Species: Plastic Trash.

+Color: white, green, orange, gray.

+Material: Plastic


  •      Length:29 (cm)
  •      Width: 19(cm)
  •      Height:  34(cm)
  •      Weigh: 1(kg)

Fitis Compact Trash Can – Gray

1.Product Description:

+The barrel body is made of PP plastic, safe for health.

+The rim of the bin helps to fix the trash bag neatly.

+The pedals/details on the lid are made of monolithic 304 stainless steel, creating a different highlight.

+The inhaler helps to fix the box in place, not moving when in use.

+Damping technology helps control the gentle opening/closing movement.

+Impressive color gamut, with a wide selection of lid and rim details.


Length:29 (cm)

Width: 19(cm)

Height:  34(cm)

Weigh: 1(kg)

3.Instructions for storing trash


+Plastic products are waterproof, so homeowners do not need to worry about cleaning.

+However, to keep the product fresh, it is still important to pay attention to: Use a soft cloth/soft brush to absorb water and wipe away the stains.

+You can use common cleaning products such as diluted dishwashing liquid or professional cleaning solutions.


+Do not place plastic products near a heat source to avoid melting.

+Do not expose the product to direct sunlight.

+Do not place too many heavy objects on plastic furniture.

+Regularly clean daily and periodically clean once a week to deodorize and avoid mold.

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Fitis Compact Trash Can - Gray-Plastic Trash

Fitis Compact Trash Can - Gray-Plastic Trash