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Eye Circle Relief Serum 10G – Thorakao


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Gross Weight: 40g
SERUM REDUCING EYES DRUGS 10G (Celestial Bird Extract) FOR LIVING EYES. The area around the eyes is very sensitive to environmental influences such as UV rays, dust masses and stress. Thorakao eye cream reduces dark circles under the eyes with a combination of extracts from bird's eye flower, elder flower and vitamin A, promoting cell regeneration and collagen production to help maintain skin structure and stimulate blood circulation. Nourish the eye area, reduce dark circles, puffy eyelids and reduce wrinkles at the eyes. Serum to reduce dark circles under the eyes will bring you youthful vitality with radiant eyes. 
                 - Reduce dark circles under the eyes.
                 - Reduces puffiness and swelling under the eyes.
                 - Fade brown spots, improve skin tone around the eyes.
                 - Nourish and strengthen the skin's natural collagen.
                 - Helps firm skin, reduce wrinkles around the eyes. 
Directions for use: After washing face. Take an appropriate amount of cream and gently apply around the eyes. Use twice a day morning and evening. 
Note: the product is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women.
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Eye Circle Relief Serum 10G - Thorakao