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Dried Pomelo – 500gr – Ohla


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Not only used to beautify hair and skin, grapefruit peel is also used as a medicine that not everyone knows. Scientific research also proves that the components in grapefruit peel such as d-limonene compounds, vitamin C help prevent cancer, including lung cancer, stomach cancer, etc.

Grasping the great benefits of pomelo peel, VNFRUIT has launched flexible dried grapefruit peel with a closed modern processing process, giving everyone delicious dried grapefruit peel.

Grapefruit peel is freeze-dried on a closed modern production line and with an exclusive formula, dried grapefruit peel is a concentrated product of fresh ingredients, still retaining the flavor as well as nutrients, the color is not dry. Not only ensure food safety and hygiene standards, but also ensure to retain natural moisture High-tech dried pomelo peel retains the essential oils and vitamins of fresh grapefruit peel, convenient packaging to carry anytime, anywhere. place. The product is suitable for pregnant women, children, or adults.

Nutritional information

In fact, grapefruit peel contains many nutrients that are good for human health. Fresh grapefruit peel has up to 0.15% essential oils, Pectin and Flavonoid compounds. Limonene 41.45 – 84.62%, Myrcen 8.28 – 50.66%. Terpenalcol and Aldehyde components exist at a very low function (<1%).

Outstanding Features

The main ingredient is fresh grapefruit peel.

Grapefruit peel is processed and dried by modern, closed technology, ensuring food safety and hygiene standards.

The product still retains elements such as color, nutritional composition, vitamins and specific characteristics of each fruit.

Store longer than fresh fruit and is a handy snack for long outings.

Grapefruit peel contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory lycopene, preventing cancer.

Grapefruit peel is rich in fiber that is good for digestion.

Storage instructions

Close the packaging to keep the product dry after use.

Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

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Dried Pomelo - 500gr - Ohla