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Dried Mango – 100g – Natural Dried Fruit

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100% Queen Pineapple Ripe

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Cheer Farm dried mangoes are selected from delicious natural ripe mangoes and selected before preliminary processing. Fresh mangoes used for drying must ensure sweetness, fresh aroma, and low fiber content. Cheer Farm natural dried mango is a delicious and nutritious snack. Dried mango is made from 100% fresh mango grown naturally, without using pesticides or herbicides. Freshly harvested mangoes , dried at the right temperature , no sulfur treatment , no added sugar , no preservatives . Cheer Farm dried mango is a product created by the combination of the hardworking and talented hands of a mango farmer with Cheer Farm’s unique drying formula. Cheer Farm dried mango is a great combination of sweet and sour taste of natural mango.

Size: 100g

Dried Mango - 100g - Natural Dried Fruit
NATURAL FABRICATION PROCESS : Only two mango cheeks are used for drying ; Like pineapple, mango is dried at low temperature and absolutely no sugar, preservatives or any additives are used in the preliminary processing and drying process. The finished orange-yellow mango strips are selected and packed in bags in a closed room to be delivered to consumers right after the drying batches.

Dried Mango - 100g - Natural Dried Fruit

NUTRITIONAL VALUES: Dried mango provides abundant vitamins and minerals. Rich in fiber and antioxidants. Low calorie and high 8-carotene content.

Dried Mango - 100g - Natural Dried Fruit

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Dried Mango - 100g - Natural Dried Fruit