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Dried Ginger Ohla 500gr


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Ginger has long been considered a medicinal herb in traditional medicine. Ginger is spicy, warm, referred to in the sutras for the lungs, spleen and stomach. Ginger has the effect of curing leprosy and irritation. Digest. In folklore, ginger is often added to cold dishes to balance "yin-yang" such as beef and seafood. Ginger contains essential oil, when cold or flatulence can be used raw ginger crushed and used. Ginger can also be dried for later use as needed. People who often get motion sickness when traveling by car can take a little ginger to help reduce the symptoms of motion sickness. On Tet holiday in most Vietnamese families, there is always ginger jam on the jam tray. A piece of ginger jam with a cup of hot green tea brings a very relaxing feeling.

The familiar and convenient dried ginger product of Ohla. With a production line on modern technology and carefully selected raw materials, Dried Ginger products bring the familiar taste of ginger jam and the convenience of use.

Outstanding Features:

- Main ingredient: ginger

- Products are processed and dried by modern and closed technology, ensuring food safety and hygiene standards.

- Keeps the characteristic aroma and taste of ginger.

Nutritional value:

Dried Ginger is especially suitable for the following users: People who often suffer from motion sickness. People who are suffering from poor digestive symptoms such as acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion. Eat after eating seafood.

Gingerol active ingredient in Ginger has also been shown to be a medicine to reduce the risk of cancer and is effective in supporting the treatment of colon and ovarian cancer. Dried Ginger with special freeze-drying technology helps to preserve the important essence of ginger, and the effect of Dried Ginger is kept the same as fresh ginger.

Dried ginger is soft, sweet and easy to use, suitable for all ages.  

Storage instructions:

- Close the packaging to keep the product dry after use.

- Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

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Dried Ginger Ohla 500gr