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As a fruit of temperate origin, American figs (also known as sweet figs, figs) have only just appeared in Vietnam, but are loved by many people because of not only their delicious sweet taste but also their delicious taste. Also because of its very high nutritional value, it is suitable for all ages. Instead of importing, which makes the price high, now buying sweet figs that are grown and dried right in Vietnam is the optimal choice, saving and ensuring nutritional value.

Freeze-dried on a closed modern production line, dried figs  are a concentrated product of fresh fruit, still retaining their delicious taste and color without drying.  Whole dried figs, soft skin, chewy taste and natural sweetness, crunchy crushed figs are very interesting when chewing.

High-tech dried figs keep the nutrition of fresh figs, convenient packaging to carry anywhere. The product is suitable for pregnant women, children, or adults. A few pieces of dried figs will be very convenient for an office snack, or will be a dessert for strange and elegant guests.

Dried figs VNFruit

Outstanding Features

  • The main ingredient is sweet figs grown in Vietnam.
  • Figs are preliminarily processed and dried using modern, closed technology, ensuring food safety and hygiene standards.
  • As a concentrated product of fresh fruit, still retain the delicious taste, color is not dry.
  • The product is not fried in oil, so there is no oil absorption and oil smell.
  • The product still retains elements such as color, nutritional composition, vitamins and specific characteristics of each fruit.
  • Stores longer than fresh fruit and is a handy snack for long outings.

Nutritional information

  • When sweet figs are ripe or dried, the sweetness increases more, which is good for dieters because of its high fiber (9.8g) and low energy (100g dry for 250kcal).
  • In 100g of dried sweet figs, it contains: Protein 3.3g, fat 0.93g, sugar 47.92g, vitamins of group B such as vitamin B1 0.085mg, vitamin B2 0.082mg, vitamin B3 0.619mg, vitamin B5 0.434 mg, vit B6 0.106mg, vit B9 9µg, vit PP 0.3mg and vit C 1.2mg.

Nutritional ingredients


Servingsize 40g

          Amount per seving

          Calories – kcal (KJ): 118 ( 493)

          Total Fat 0.9 g

          Cholesterol 0 mg

          Sodium 22.24 mg

          Total Carbohydrates 24 g

          Dietary Fiber 4.83 g

          Sugars 24.52 g

          Protein 1.29 g

Storage instructions

  • Close the packaging to keep the product dry after use.
  • Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Ingredient production:

  • Fig (99.9%) Sulfur dioxide
  • Instructions for use: open the bag immediately
  • Storage: keep cool and dry
  • Moisture Content: <= 28%
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Dried Figs - Ohla