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Coffee Table-Sofa Table- BEYOURs-Size S -Wood


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Coffee Table-Sofa Table- BEYOURs-Size S -Wood:

  • Brand: BEYOURs
  • Vendor: BEYOURs
  • Type:Sofa Table - Coffee Table
  • Room:Living room
  • Color: Wood color,White
  • Material: Natural wood
  • Specifications:

    • Length (cm) 90
    • Width (cm) 50
    • Height (cm) 32

Coffee Table-Sofa Table- BEYOURs-Size S -Wood:

1.Product Description:

Made from material natural rubber wood, designed in Korean interior style “Convenient – Minimalist – Exquisite”

– Color: Natural wood

– Origin: Vietnam – Export goods


  • Length (cm) 90
  • Width (cm) 50
  • Height (cm) 32

3.Preservation instructions:

  • Polish furniture properly.
  • Shiny wooden furniture will bring a fresh and bright beauty to the whole room. Therefore, homeowners should pay attention to the following things if they want to keep the gloss of the interior:
    • Polish wooden furniture weekly and at least 3 or 4 times a year.

    • Do not over-polish and clean off excess polish before drying.

    • Use pure, unadulterated polishing oils.

    • Clean natural wood furniture.

    • In the process of cleaning dirt and dust, homeowners should use soft cloth or feather brush to avoid scratches. Pay attention to the gaps and jams of the furniture during the cleaning process. Avoid letting water that has not yet dried, remains to cause mold.


  • Protect natural wood furniture from mold.
  • Natural wood is best preserved at a humidity of 45 – 50%. To avoid the case where the air humidity is too low to cause cracking or the humidity is too high to cause mold. Homeowners can:
    • Avoid leaving wooden furniture in places near water sources, humid and subject to rain.

    • Be careful not to use wet towels when cleaning the interior.

    • Use an air dehumidifier.

    • Protect wooden furniture from sunlight.

Wooden furniture when exposed to direct sunlight can change color and quality. Therefore, homeowners should pay attention:

  • Place wooden furniture in a place with sufficient light, without direct sunlight.

  • Equip blinds and curtains to soften the sun’s rays.

  • Protect wooden furniture from scratches.

  • Pay attention during the move.

  • Do not place heavy objects or sharp objects on the wooden surface.

  • Use underpads, cups, cups, cups, ..

  • Use soft fabrics during cleaning.

  • In case of scratches, shoe polish can be used.

  • Protect wooden furniture from water stains

Furniture, especially light wood furniture, can leave stains from water and tea, so to protect the interior, use spacers, or coasters.

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Coffee Table-Sofa Table- BEYOURs-Size S -Wood

Coffee Table-Sofa Table- BEYOURs-Size S -Wood