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Coconut Fiber Mattress – EUCOCO ORGANIC – White Blue


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Eucoco Organic uses 100% natural coir materials, the surface is lined with soft foam to create a smooth product. The breakthrough of the mattress comes from the use of anti-virus fabric (VIRASE), a fabric surface that can reduce virus activity by up to 99% within 2 hours, helping to prevent the formation and development. growth of bacteria within the mattress structure.



– The mattress core uses 100% natural coir fiber, safe for health. Raw coir materials before being put into use will be disinfected and sterilized to limit the infestation of each insect.

– The top of the mattress is a soft, perforated foam with ventilation.

– Eucoco Organic applies innovative technology in the production and processing of coir fiber, making the product texture more durable and firm.

– The mattress uses a lining to protect the product. Anti-virus fabric mattress (VIRASE) imported high quality.


– The inside of the mattress uses 100% natural ingredients (coir fiber), friendly with the environment, safe for health.

– Coconut fiber has the ability to absorb moisture and ventilate the air inside the mattress, especially suitable for tropical climates.

– The foam structure of the foam lining also allows the air to circulate more easily inside the mattress structure, creating a smooth use.

– The antibacterial function is more interested in the epidemic when anti-virus coatings (VIRASE) are introduced. The fabric surface reduces virus activity by up to 99% within 2 hours, prevents the formation and growth of bacteria inside the mattress’s texture, directly protecting you from related diseases. to the respiratory tract and rashes caused by insects and aphids.

– 3-piece folding mattress design is convenient, convenient for moving and cleaning.


SGS – Switzerland: mattress products made from flame retardant PU Foam American quality standards.

ISO – Switzerland: production and operation management system has achieved ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standard.

ISPA – USA: quality standard products joining Global Sleep Care Association are excellent members.

HVNCLC – Vietnam: Products meeting the standards of High Quality Vietnamese Goods by 2020.

EUCHAM – Vietnam: honored to be a member of the European Business Association in Vietnam.

AMCHAM – Vietnam: honored to be a member of the American Business Association in Vietnam.

VCCI – Vietnam: honored to be a member of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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Coconut Fiber Mattress - EUCOCO ORGANIC - White Blue

Coconut Fiber Mattress - EUCOCO ORGANIC - White Blue