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CHEERFARM Dried Mango – 1 kg – Dried Food


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Mien mango is a specialty of Western Vietnam. Thanks to the suitable climate and fertile soil, Mien mango here grows healthy without the use of pesticides and herbicides.
Mango material area is more than 100km from Cheer Farm factory.
Mien mango is a local variety of mango, thin skin, green and yellow when ripe. Mature fruit weighs from 300g-500g. In terms of appearance, Mien mango is not as smooth and beautiful as other mangoes, but the aroma and sweetness are very prominent.

Mangoes that are mature and ripe will be selected by farmers to be harvested first. Mangoes used for drying must ensure sweetness, fresh aroma, and low fiber content.

Only 2 mango cheeks are used for drying, as well as Pineapple, Mango is dried at low temperature and absolutely no sugar, preservatives or any additives are used in the preliminary processing and drying process.
The finished orange-yellow mango strips are neatly folded and packed in bags in a closed room to be delivered to consumers right after the drying batches.

Product Features:
Dried Mien mango has a sweet, crunchy, spongy, slightly chewy taste, with a passionate aroma of ripe mangoes. Color from yellow to orange yellow.
100% from ripe Mango fruit
No Added Sugar, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Sulfur. No pesticides are used during cultivation.

How to use: Dried mango is a delicious and nutritious snack. Use directly as a convenient snack, providing clean energy quickly during the day.
Can be used with nuts, mixed with yogurt or salad.
Serve as dessert, or enjoy with tea, beer and white wines.
Used as ingredients for cakes, pizza, hamburgers, etc.

Nutritional value:
Dried Mien Mango is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Rich in fiber and antioxidants. Low calorie, and high β-carotene content.
Expiry date: 10 months
Made in Viet Nam

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CHEERFARM Dried Mango - 1 kg - Dried Food

CHEERFARM Dried Mango - 1 kg - Dried Food