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Candle Cup SZ-NQMLSZ-Worship Candle


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Candle Cup SZ-NQMLSZ-Worship Candle

+Product code: NQMLSZ

+Dimensions: 7x7x6cm

+ Color: yellow, red, white, blue, orange

+ Burning time: 25 hours

+ Scent: according to color tone tone

+ Products used for decoration, lighting and worship

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Candle Cup SZ-NQMLSZ-Worship Candle

+If you are a follower of Buddhism – it will be very remiss if you do not know the Quang Minh candle. Many types of worship candles you must have in your home: lotus candle, round candle, pillar candle, scented candle, SZ candle, etc.

+Quang Minh is very delicate when using a glass to highlight the color of the candle inside.

+ The main colors of the Ly SZ candle line: yellow, red, white, blue, orange.

+Natural fragrance does not cause cancer, discomfort, stinging eyes.

Uses of SZ candles

+ Some uses must be mentioned: used for decoration, lighting, in worship, events, and ceremonies.

Biểu tượng Cộng đồng đã xác minh
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Candle Cup SZ-NQMLSZ-Worship Candle

Candle Cup SZ-NQMLSZ-Worship Candle