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Belt for men by crocodile skin – HD4282

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Product code: HD4282

Color: Black

Design: Belt for men

Material: 100% genuine crocodile leather

Wire size: Length 120cm x Width 3.5cm

Packing size: 14 x 11 x 3.5 cm

Origin: Made in Viet Nam

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For every man from the outfit, whether luxurious or casual, it is indispensable for the accompanying belt. Each belt owns the unique fashion style of each man. Each person will have a different need to use a belt, but all will still be guided by a certain criterion that is the beauty and durability that the belt brings.


Huy Hoang men’s crocodile leather belt is manufactured with 100% genuine crocodile skin, in addition to a leading advanced tanning technology, which has made Huy Hoang’s product line one of the leading leather goods brands. High Quality Vietnamese Goods in 2020.

Whether called a men’s belt or a men’s belt, this fashion accessory has long become one of the basic but extremely important accessories of most of men. It seems to become their inseparable object, no matter what fashion style they go with, they can’t be without them anytime, anywhere. Because it is a common item, men are increasingly focusing on product materials, to meet the needs of consumers, men’s belts made of crocodile skin material have been born with many styles. Fashionable, modern design, color.

high-class men’s belt  will be a product that gives you the most comfortable feeling when using and when coming to Huy Hoang Crocodile you will own the best quality products from genuine leather: 100%.

Crocodile leather is a luxurious leather known for its durability, softness, and flexibility. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful leathers because of its unique striated scale structure. The natural oils that occur in leather give it durability, preventing cracking, even in extreme temperatures and sun exposure.

With a perfectly tailored suit or a pair of jeans that match your personality, pairing with an ostrich leather belt will become an extremely eye-catching and elegant fashion accessory for you in any situation. . This is a belt you need to have in your collection. This belt pattern you will wear with a Vest, Suit or any casual outfit is suitable.

Is the waist male crocodile skin at Huy Hoang is produced from raw crocodile leather premium best quality, through the process with modern technology for the skin soft, elastic and shiny. Combined with creative and meticulous handmade production techniques of experienced workers. The most important factors of a handmade product are the level of craftsmanship, the carefulness and meticulousness with each detail and the quality of each material.

In addition, these Glorious Crocodile Belts are not picky with any accessories on your outfit, so feel free to mix and match and create the most perfect different combinations. Currently, crocodile leather belts have many different types because they are made from different parts of crocodile skin such as belly skin, back hemp skin, whole skin, so depending on your fashion style, you can choose the type of belt. The back is right for you.

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Belt for men by crocodile skin - HD4282

$87,6$122,6 (-29%)

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