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Good shoes for baby boy need to ensure many factors. Not only about the style and design of the outside, but the shoes need to bring comfort when the baby uses them. Many parents, when buying shoes for children, are often only interested in the style and color, not the softness of the shoes.

The necessary criteria of shoes to create a quality shoe

In addition to helping their children become beautiful, the following things will help parents choose the right products for their children at Mekongon

Shoes for Baby boy

Good material

There are many materials used to make shoes such as canvas, rubber, mesh, and genuine leather… Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, for children, shoes need to have soft materials, safe for the baby’s skin.

Shoes for Baby boy

If you use poor-quality shoes, your baby’s feet are very vulnerable. With hard materials, the baby’s feet are easy to blister or hurt; Some materials are too soft making the feet unstable when wearing shoes. Which is also the cause of the unstable development of the baby’s feet. Therefore, shoe materials need to meet safety standards, good for the development of the foot in each stage.


A well-fitting shoe helps the baby’s feet to be cradled and moved easily. If your baby wears shoes that are too tight or too wide, their feet will easily be bent or loose, causing ankle pain and limiting foot development in the long run.

Even though your baby’s feet change quickly, you should still buy shoes that fit your baby to avoid negative effects later on.

Safe design for feet

A high-quality shoes for baby boy is a pair of shoes that help children move freely without affecting the development of the child’s bones.

The design is safe for the feet, including the standard techniques from the toe, shoe cushion, shoe body, and shoe sole, … so that the baby does not hurt his feet, creating comfort.

Always the perfect choice for moms

Understand the love of parents. Mekongon is always careful in choosing products. In terms of materials that are suitable for the baby’s skin, and the children’s feelings when using the shoes.

Shoes for Baby boy

In addition, mekongon also chooses a variety of materials as well as designs, trendy to help children become more beautiful. Coming to Mekong is coming to perfection in both quality and price.

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