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Croptop fashion style is especially suitable for tall, slim girls. Because it will enhance the beauty of personality, the fancy will help you get more attention. Currently, there are many types of Girl’s Croptop Shirt.

What is croptop?

Girl’s Croptop Shirt is a style of shirt that is designed in a short length that falls to the waist or slightly longer and it shows the whole waist. It is this relatively short length that makes Croptop Shirt an outfit exclusively for girl. It gives the wearer a natural style, but no less seductive and still discreet.

Girl's Croptop Shirt

Croptop Shirts come in many different designs. From off-shoulder tops, T-shirts to shirts…. You can easily see Croptop Shirt shirt items combined with skirts and strapless shirts worn inside on the street. This shows that Croptop Shirt is gradually entering a golden age and it will certainly never stop being hot. At the same time, becoming an indispensable item for fashionistas.

A fairly familiar term for many girl today, Croptop refers to a short shirt that reaches the back of the waist. This outfit gives you the chance to show off your soft beauty and deadly curves in this part.

Up to now, choosing Croptop Shirts with suitable outfits and accessories has become a trend, bringing a lot of strange experiences. Let’s find out with MekongOn.

Favorite Croptop Shirt styles

Girl’s Croptop Shirt is currently divided into many different types. Each type of shirt will suit the style of the skirt as well as its own situation.

Girl's Croptop Shirt

Off shoulder croptop

The main feature of Croptop Shirt is to help girls show off their beautiful waist. The off-shoulder Croptop Shirt is no exception, it even helps you show off your sexy shoulders. It not only helps her enhance the gentle beauty, femininity. It also shows the sophistication in her choice of clothes.

Wide croptop with loose leg design

This is a traditional Croptop style and is quite easy to coordinate. Not only with the skirt, but you can also combine this wide Croptop Shirt with high-waisted pants or jeans as you like. A Croptop Shirt combined with a short skirt will increase her youthful and seductive beauty.

Croptop hugs armpit design

This is a three-hole Croptop Shirt that is quite popular in the fashion market. It is loved by many stars around the world. And of course, every woman can’t resist the charm of this top item.

Lace Croptop

Lace is known as a material that possesses lightness and grace. However, it is also considered a luxurious material with aristocratic features mixed with classic and sexy modern. Ren always attracts every girl who is passionate about fashion. Because of the sweetness and grace that it brings. Lace Croptop Shirts don’t have to be too fancy but still enough to give her an attractive look.

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