• Sold By: Zanado

    High-end CNT men’s and women’s multi-function bag – SID52209

    Sold By: Zanado
    • High-class CNT men’s and women’s multi-function handbags are designed in rectangular box shape, with a small outer pocket with a folding flap combined with a lovely buckle.
    • Convenient design includes 1 main compartment including a zipper compartment, an additional small pocket inside, easy to neatly arrange necessary items and papers.
    • The front of the briefcase is highlighted with a small bank with a convenient folding lid and a lovely buckle to make the product more impressive.
    • The product has many colors for you to choose according to your own taste and style, as well as easy to coordinate with other items.
    • Durable synthetic PU leather material, helps the bag to be less broken and wrinkled when used, the inner lining of the bag is made of soft and beautiful velvet fabric.
    • Handbags can be combined with many different outfits to be able to wear in luxurious parties or personal outings.
    • Warranty period for customers: During use
  • Sold By: Zanado

    Shoes TOMANI for Men – SID41258

    Sold By: Zanado
    • TOMANI 290 Shoes for men with an exquisite square toe design radiate masculinity and elegance.
    • Shoes are stitched with just embossed edges on the rear of the shoe and metal embellishments on the side to make the shoes stand out.
    • Robust, careful stitching gives you a solid, durable feeling.
    • The sneakers include plush insoles to help your feet feel nice and comfy.
    • The sole is anti-slip in order to keep the wearer safe.
    • 100% genuine leather material provides you with peace of mind when buying and utilizing.
  • Sold By: Zanado

    Togo Bags Men’s and Women’s Travel Bags – SID34872

    Sold By: Zanado
    • Men’s and women’s travel bags Togo Bags with stylishfashionsuitablesuitablefor long trips
    • Dome-shaped design, including 1 spacious main compartment to help store many essential items, 2 handy side zippered side compartments
    • Dual shoulder straps, included strap can be removed and adjusted to your liking
    • The seam is beautiful, solid, the stitching is different from the outstanding color, providing certainty, giving you peace of mind to use.
    • Mixing brand logos contributes to increase the value of products Elegant, luxurious design, suitable for men and women
    • Durable, shiny faux leather material, waterproof parachute inner lining, gives you a perfect product.
    • 6 months warranty


  • Sold By: Zanado

    Gia Vi men’s cowhide wallet – GV1781

    Sold By: Zanado
    • Gia Vi GV1781 masculine cowhide men’s wallet is stylishly designed to bring elegance and class to men
    • Classic double-fold design with two delicate colored seams with a prominent brand name to increase product value
    • There are many convenient large and small compartments for you to store your personal items
    • The stitches are beautiful, meticulous, sharp and sure to give you peace of mind during use
    • The product has two colors brown and black for men to freely choose according to their preferences, affirming their own fashion sense
    • Durable cowhide material, ensuring durability over time, bringing peace of mind to users
    • An easy-to-use accessory, easy to coordinate with many different outfits such as shirts, trousers or t-shirts, shorts, …
  • Sold By: Zanado

    Umbrella Jacket for Men or Women – SID61871

    Sold By: Zanado
    • Umbrella jackets for men and women are made with stylish long – sleeved and a cap, giving a young and dynamic look.
    • The high zipper can cover the neck, and the nose has a tight drawstring to keep you safe from severe weather.
    • The stitching is gorgeous and careful, and the bag combination is very attractive and functional, needed to store the essential little items.
    • Shirt in a solid shade with a striking and eye-catching design printed on the left chest, highlighting both the product and the wearer.
    • Blue, purple, and black tones provide you a lot of options and keep it easy to mix and match different ensembles.
    • The material is cool, not secretive, waterproof, and pleasant to wear.
    • Combine with goods like as skirts, dresses, shirts, purses, and so on to keep him or her looking exquisite and youthful.
  • Sold By: Zanado

    The ultra-durable Tr travel bag – SID22644

    Sold By: Zanado
    • The ultra-durable Tr travel bag is ergonomically designed not only to bring convenience but also to bring a stylish style to you.
    • The bag is fashionably color-coordinated, giving you a youthful and dynamic look when carrying the bag.
    • In addition to the spacious and comfortable main compartment, the bag is also designed with an extra compartment for you to store small items without fear of confusion and hard to find.
    • The badge is attached in the middle of the bag to create a feeling of sophistication and elegance for the person carrying the bag.
    • You can use the bag to store things when going home, traveling, or doing sports, … will give you a very personal and dynamic style.
  • Sold By: Zanado

    Mr.G Fashion Belts for Men and Women – SID58665

    Sold By: Zanado
    • Mr.G men’s and women’s belts offer a simple buckle design, as well as a beautiful, elegant, and modern metal-plated head.
    • The back is designed to be comfy, allowing you to flexibly change the size to fit your body type.
    • The belt section of the belt has a basic smooth form that is easy to combine with the outfit, and the belt features a one-of-a-kind brand logo design.
    • You may select between black and cowhide belts, depending on your style and preferences, and they are ideal for both men and women.
    • The “Pu” leather material is treated correctly, so the quality is high and the color is long-lasting, providing you piece of mind when using the goods.
    • You may wear it with professional khaki trousers or personality dust jeans to work, out, or to a party…
  • Sold By: Zanado

    Cross-body Bag LATA Yummy for Men 07 – SID64825

    Sold By: Zanado
    • Cross-body Bag LATA Yummy 07 for Men is a simple, elegant cross-body bag that reflects men’s sense of fashion.
    • The design contains a large main compartment as well as several tiny compartments for men to conveniently keep their belongings when travelling out.
    • Solid stitching and smooth zippers provide you with piece of mind when using, extending the life of the product.
    • Stylish, glossy brown or black, ideal for a wide range of men’s preferences, as simple to match with a wide range of clothes.
      The bag includes an inside lining that protects things from harm, provides you confidence when using it, and extends the life of the product.
    • Durable, attractive, and inexpensive “pu” leather is a material that designers and customers alike like.
    • An easy-to-wear item that may be worn with a variety of ensembles, including shirts and pants for business or picnics.
  • Sold By: Zanado

    Dutti Men’s and Women’s Sports Travel Bag – SID36165

    Sold By: Zanado
    • Dutti men’s and women’s sports travel bags bring your own personality when using.
    • The bag is printed with white letters embossed on a unique umbrella color, combining 2 color borders as a highlight for the product
    • The bag is designed with a strap and handle, a large bag space, can hold many items for you when traveling.
    • The bag has 1 large main compartment for you to comfortably store your travel essentials
    • And 1 small zippered pocket to help you keep small items handy
    • The color has many colors for you to choose easily
    • The material is sturdy and durable, giving you confidence when using it