Meltblown – The Most Important Composition Of A Standard Medical Mask

Have you ever wondered what makes the medical mask more protective? Read on and learn about the high quality Meltblown layer of VG Pro Mask.


Usually, medical masks are advertised to have 3 layers, 4 layers. However, the antibacterial properties really only come from the most important layer called the Meltblown layer. This layer is made of PolyPropylene nonwoven fabric with the spacing between the fibers is so small that it will block most foreign bodies in micrometres (µm).

VT Pro Mask uses standard Meltblown layer with the ability to filter foreign objects, fine & ultrafine dust (PM2.5 & PM0.1), smoke, pollen, viruses and over 99.8% of bacteria in the air. This is the highest level for medical respirators according to American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) standards.

Opt for a mask with a Meltblown layer to protect yourself and those around you.

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