Mekong Online Global Selling – The Inspiration For Global Marketplace In Vietnam


Mekong Online Global Selling, known as MekongOn, is one of the pioneers in the B2B2C modern online marketplace in Vietnam. We have an ambitious mission to be the largest online marketplace of Vietnamese products.

The potential of Vietnam’s product

As Vietnam’s economy is developing at an impressive rate, Vietnam becomes an excellent marketplace for foreign investment. However, many Vietnamese enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, have difficulty accessing the global trading marketplace. They have high-quality products and production capability to provide in quantities but they have encountered difficulties in finding international customers.

Mekong Online Global Selling is a Vietnamese company. Therefore, we can see the difficulty as well as the potential of Vietnam’s product. To solve the problem and expanding output markets for Vietnamese products and goods, MekongOn becomes a pioneer in creating an online platform to connect sellers and their customers from all over the world.

What’s on Mekong Online Global Selling platform?


When the traditional market is absolutely affected during the pandemic, the online market is still growing rapidly. We have helped many manufactures to access more potential customers on our platform. Therefore, MekongOn provides a variety category of products from many knowable brands in Vietnam.

In a recent pandemic situation, we quickly focus on our healthcare product categories. MekongOn has many kinds of healthcare products, ranges from facemasks, hand wash, and much, much more. If you want to find a list of hand wash manufacturers in Vietnam or other range of products, MekongOn is an ideal place for you. 

A surge in global demand has raised opportunities for Vietnam to show its strength in healthcare product production. On MekongOn, we have many of the best quality manufacturers for supplies. If you are interested in importing face masks from Vietnam, but still need to ascertain which is the right manufacturer with the best reliable and efficient quality masks, MekongOn will meet all your needs.


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