Mekong Marketplace – The Pioneer Of The Modern B2B2C Model In Vietnam


Mekong Marketplace is based on VietNam, a pioneer B2B2C E-commerce platform. To connect the wholesalers and retailers all over the world and bring to customers the products and services which are made in VietNam. 


Mekong Marketplace – Essential e-commerce platform of made in Vietnam products suppliers

E-commerce is an inevitable product of the development of the internet, especially on a global scale. A series of popular e-commerce sites over the world emerged as a wave to connect buyers and sellers from one continent to another. Vietnam is also a country that has received this wave of development. However, a platform to bring Vietnamese goods and services throughout the world is not yet available. In the context that Vietnam’s goods and services have been gradually improved, striving to meet global standards for integration with other countries. Made in Vietnam products suppliers necessarily need a platform like Mekong Marketplace to connect Vietnamese goods with the international market.



Creating economic opportunity for all 

Currently, many international e-commerce platforms have penetrated the market and are active in commercial activities in Vietnam. But the reverse direction is still restricted. Therefore, to balance the Import and export of Vietnam through e-commerce, Mekong will contribute to balancing these above activities. Mekongon offers a wide range of products from many different industries, their common point is goods and services made in Vietnam. This is an opportunity for us to bring Vietnamese quality goods to other countries of the world and customers can access goods from Vietnam. Besides, we also search for suppliers, importers, and sellers through this trading platform to effectively connect businesses and customers. As one of the pioneers of the modern B2B2C model in Vietnam, Mekong Marketplace aims to bring users good experiences with policies committed to ensuring the interests of sellers and buyers.



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