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Mekongon or Mekong Global Selling has an important mission to connect buyers and sellers all over the world. If you are interested in our wide range of products made in Vietnam – our home country – Mekongon is an ideal place for you.

About us – Mekong Global Selling

Mekong Global Selling is known as an e-commerce website that connects people around the world. We provide two main transactions – B2C and B2B, which stand for ‘Business to Consumers’ and ‘Business to Business’. We provide both retailers and wholesalers a great place to find the best product made in Vietnam.

With a huge amount of products from more than 30 categories and hundreds of vendors, Mekongon will meet all your needs for all kinds of products. We raise opportunities for buyers to access high-quality products and sellers can expose their products to millions of consumers globally. 

Mekong Global Selling

Making your right purchase with Mekongon

As the appearance and spread rapidly of Coronavirus and Covid 19 pandemic, have a negative influence on people’s life all over the world, Mekongon defines that healthcare products will become our priority category, especially face masks products – which play a vital role in slowing down the spread of the virus nowadays.


Taking advantage of the developing healthcare industry in Vietnam, we quickly contact some face mask Vietnam factories that have perfect quality and push their products to our website. We have some huge Vietnam fabric face mask manufacturers on Mekongon’s website right now and we are convinced that they are the best manufacturer in Vietnam which can meet the demand for all retail and wholesale customers.

During the pandemic, everyone does need many good face masks to protect themselves and other people from the virus. And if you want to buy this kind of product, Mekong Global Selling is the right choice for you.

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