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What is Mekong E-commerce?

Mekong E-commerce is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is an E-commerce company that specializes in all aspects of business related to Vietnamese products by providing potentially useful information about products to all customers.

Mekong Global Selling

MekongOn what to offer?

Mekong E-Commerce started selling online from the first year of 2020 online trading platform providing a variety of products from household appliances, electronics, medical equipment, and many other essential items originating from Vietnam and other countries Southeast Asia, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products, scientific and technical services in the fields of household appliances, refrigeration, electronic equipment, washing machines. machinery, washing powder, and others. We provide quality products at reasonable prices and support high-quality services and satisfy the needs of our customers.


MekongOn are masks provided?

We supply all kinds of medical mask suppliers Vietnam, a variety of models, clear prices, transparent information. Mekong E-commerce is committed to bringing the best quality to customers when using and shopping experience at our website.

In the current pandemic situation, everyone wants to protect their health want to protect your health by washing their hands, wearing a mask, and following government directives to ensure safety. Before the pandemic raged, this was also the time when people searched for and bought masks to stay safe. People will go to the drugstore, store, or place to buy it but sometimes it is not the best quality by itself.

So do you know where the best mask is at a good price? Mekong E-commerce tells you this is a medical mask supplier Vietnam with European standard quality and has been quality tested in many countries, this will be the product you will need because of its cheap price and stable quality, besides It also appeared in the MV Washing Hands performed by singers Min and Erik.


In addition, MekongOn also provides the Top 10 export products of Vietnam, which are products of the best quality and are chosen and used by many customers, such as household goods, fashion apparel, and some products. other.


Top 10 export products of Vietnam also have unique products available at Mekong E-commerce, here you can own all the products you want from the top 10 or products at MekongOn, what are you waiting for? Let’s experience and shop at MekongOn

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