Many Of The Best Vietnamese Products You Can Find On MekongOn

Whether if you have gone to Vietnam or not, these best Vietnamese products are many great things you need to buy. MekongOn will outline some of the great things that can not be ignored in our country.

Which are the best Vietnamese products?


Vietnam is famous for its spectacular cuisine. We have a wide variety of amazing dishes which can be a paradise for all visitors. The most recognized Vietnamese cuisine worldwide includes hot dishes like pho, banh mi, bun cha,… However, we also have agriculture products which can be bought whenever you want if you can not go to Vietnam. These good things are nuts, dried fruit, cereal, butter,… which make Vietnam reported as some of the world’s leading producers and exporters of agricultural products. They are easy to find, good for your health and you can eat them for a whole day.


Dried Mango

2. Clothes

Vietnam is famous for cheap clothing, making it such a good place for clothes shopping. You can find many good-quality brands with outstanding reviews. Our traditional costume is called Ao Dai, which is impressive by all visitors because of its unique design. However,  western-style clothing such as shirts, tee shirts, skirts, pants, or jeans is what people wear in daily life. They are all at a reasonable price that fit most people budget.


Ao Dai – Vietnam traditional costume

3. Healthcare products

Vietnam is among the highest growing exporters of healthcare products. Our local production can meet demands for both retailers and wholesalers. If you want to find a face mask Vietnam supplier, there are many choices for you on MekongOn.

Where to buy Vietnamese products?

MekongOn Online marketplace is here to make it easier for customers who are keen on having good Vietnamese products. We connect with many manufacturers to seek products with the best quality and create a marketplace for global trading. Therefore, our local companies can expand the output for their product and customers can purchase the item they want easily.

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