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The Vietnamese healthcare industry is one of the country’s development priorities, especially during the covid-19 pandemic situation. Medical products such as: medical masks, medical gloves vietnam, hand sanitizer, … are very common products at the moment. 


Vietnam medical devices export potential (medical gloves vietnam, hand sanitizer,…) 

These sectors have the potential to develop thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic because of their necessity and urgency. Besides, Vietnam has signed Free Trade Agreements with more than 50 countries, this opens up opportunities for Vietnam’s exports, particularly medical products. A lot of efforts to modernize healthcare devices to serve domestic consumption and export, which has created many economic opportunities for many businesses. For this reason, Vietnam manufacturers have been perfecting their products such as medical gloves, disposable masks to meet the high standards of European nations.

More than that, the current demographic and socioeconomic of Vietnam contributes to its potential to develop globally. If you are looking for medical products made in Vietnam such as facemask 4 layers from vietnam and so on, explore our website on Mekong Online Global Selling. 


What’s on MekongOn? 


MekongOn is an e-commerce website for goods made in Vietnam. The products sold here are popular product in Vietnam. However, we choose our product standards strictly and ensure that these ones have clear origins, prestige brands and high-standard quality. Product categories are diverse from agricultural products, electronic to household appliances, clothes, home tools, kitchen tools, furniture, jewelry, men and women clothes.

Prime product lines you can take notice of are assortment of medical products such as medical gloves vietnam, surgical mask, hand sanitizers, medicines,… We connect Vietnamese goods to users around the world, equally, create connections between millions of buyers and sellers around the world, which has created economic opportunities for businesses. In the context of prevailing e-commerce websites, MekongOn promises to be a good ideal for buyers and sellers on the international market. 


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