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Mekong Global Trading is an absolutely new E-commerce to international marketplace, because Mekong Trading mainly provides and sells all of products “Made in Vietnam brand” that are allowed to export to foreign countries. Mekong Global Trading established in 2020. Nowadays, MekongOn is slightly assuming brand on international area.


Dominant items on MekongOn recently:

Let foreigner customers know made in Vietnam brand, we would like to desire to create this e-commerce. So that all vendors sell products made in Vietnam easily and reliably, we want to connect Vietnam with inter-nation via MekongOn E-commerce. On MekongOn, currently, is selling various products from brand made in Vietnam. Moreover, the world seems trying to struggle and fight to together get over the pandemic Covid-19. And then, in this period of time, MekongOn adapted that is willing to be specializing in selling and providing “Health and Beauty” items. One of them, health care products to sell online vietnam are best products on MekongOn. 

On the other hand, category “Health and Beauty” includes medical face mask, health care, hair care, and accessories… that becomes popular around the world by manufactured in Vietnam. Health care in general, and medical products in particular is “hot” goods and expanding in the world.


Made in Vietnam brands

MekongOn, made in Vietnam brands, consists of Hamita, Eco-Care (heath care and medical equipments). Besides that, there also are other items such as Food & Beverage, Interior & Furniture, Bags, Shoes, Fashion, etc…

Mekong Global Trading will bring the best experience. Yoy guys enjoy with us via


Join with us and let MekongOn support and adapt your order request and provide the best products to you.

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