International Standard Face Mask Vietnam Brand


In recent years, products made in Vietnam have become more and more trusted and consumed by customers, especially medical products such as face mask vietnam, … Manufacturers have prioritized innovating and improving the quality and design of Vietnamese goods. 

Face mask vietnam brand exporting to demanding countries

In the situation of increasing demand for medical products, the production of these products in Vietnam must meet the needs of domestic consumption and export to other nations. One of the reputable and reliable brands providing medical products is EcomMed. This brand belongs to a multi-field investment company with a branch in Washington D.C., USA. 

In addition to vietnam face mask, EcomMed also provides medical products and medical services such as disinfection services, epidemic protective garment, anti-droplet masks, disposable medical gloves, hand sanitizer, surgical gown. These products meet the standards for being granted permission to export to demanding countries such as Canada, USA, Japan, Europe, Australia…


Vietnam face mask brand along with international standards 

The brand’s products are designed in Vietnam as well as the United States in terms of design, design, packaging, and boxes. The company’s production capacity is not in need of concern. The company’s production capacity is not in need of concern. EcomMed’s factories are located from the North to the South of Vietnam with a large capacity to ensure the correct and sufficient quantity of products for customers’ orders.


The brand’s standout product is definitely medical face mask vietnam. Produced from high quality raw materials from Vietnam, the product meets the requirements of the US and Europe. At the same time, it provides up to 99% bacterial filtration capacity (BFE), meeting Type I, II, IIR (European standard EN 14683) or Level 1,2,3 according to American and Canadian ATSM F2010 standards. EcomMed’s masks are available in a variety of colors and sizes for both adults and children for you to choose from.


If the above criterions meet your criteria and you are interested in owning the product. Take action right now to get the products that best suit your desires.


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