Growing Of Vietnam Hand Wash Export Due To Covid-19 Pandemic


Vietnam is one of the rare countries that can maintain a positive growth momentum in the context of the covid pandemic affecting all aspects of the national economy. Vietnam’s import and export products have many fluctuations, but some still have breakthroughs such as agriculture, forestry and fishery, vegetables, industrial products, machinery, equipment, and spare parts,… Especially, the group of medical equipment products such as medical masks, medical gloves, and vietnam hand wash export increased in quantity and value.

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Vietnam hand wash export has opportunity to grow 

Because the raging pandemic has brought about many deleterious effects to the economy as well as socio-economic aspects of many countries. People’s normal life is threatened especially in terms of health. Citizens must make specific changes such as wearing masks, limiting going out when not necessary and washing hands often to protect themselves from dangerous disease. As a result, the demand for medical masks as well as hand sanitizers increases rapidly across countries. 

Vietnam is one of the countries that produce and export these products to other countries thanks to its advantages in human resources and population characteristics. Hence, demand for medical products such as vietnam hand wash export creates a lot of economic opportunities for many Vietnamese manufacturers. 


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Currently, there are many platforms on the market to support foreign countries to import Vietnamese medical products. However, this only applies to large volume imports of products. 

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