Face Masks & E-commerce: The Most Valuable Product of 2021

Face masks are an important component in controlling COVID-19, and policy orders to wear masks are common. Nowadays, E-commerce is now the primary way to buy & sell face masks and the industry is perfectly suited.

In order to meet the demand of face mask for Covid-19 prevention, Face mask Vietnam Factory have improve their abilities and innovation for mask production. This makes Vietnam able to become a large-scale  face mask producer and supplier in the world. These product face mask in Vietnam with high quality and reasonable price. There were large opportunities to export face marks for Mekong On marketplace

Mekong On marketplace recommends you face mask made in Vietnam quality

Face Mask – HAFAPRO – 4-Layer

With 4 layers of waterproof woven fabric, effectively prevent droplets when in close contact, ensuring ventilation, no skin irritation. The nose rest brace is easy to shape, helps to fix the mask and creates tightness, hugging the whole face. The strap is sturdy, good elasticity makes it comfortable to use

Face Mask – Ecom Med – VN-N95

High-quality protective mask with a classic design. Uniform surface, covered ventilation holes, comfortable and breathable, face-fit design, more comprehensive protection.

Face Mask 3D – Hamita

The ability to protect against infection 99.60%, tested by the National Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene Does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals such as Hg, Cr6+, Pb, Cd, …

Antibacterial Medical Mask 4-Layer -G MED N1

Non-woven fabric: Non-woven fabric layer does not absorb water, has the ability to filter dust, fluid, bacteria, harmful agents. Microfiltration layer: filter cloth impregnated with an antibacterial agent. Nasal splint: made of polyethylene, easy to drink to fix and help hug the mask to the face. The edge of the mask: is a non-woven fabric, helps keep the elastic and creates aesthetics. A layer of antibacterial paper coated with Nano Silver has the effect of killing bacteria, meeting BFE 92% standard.

After recognizing the increasing demand for face masks amidst the epidemic outbreak, Mekong On marketplace found a way to transform the challenges into opportunities by switching to produce face mask 3D and medical mask 4 – Layer. If you are interested in face mask products from Vietnam, please contact us on the following Mekong On marketplace.