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1. Delivery Services

To get support for fast delivery / pick up, the customers can use the services of the following shipping units:

  • DHL Express
  • FedEx Express 
  • Nasco Express
  • Sea sky shipping

When you ship with DHL Express, FedEx, Nasco Express, Sea sky shipping

 – you’re shipping with specialists in international shipping and courier delivery services! With our wide range of express parcel and package services, along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs.

2. Shipping Time

When the order is successful, you can track the processing and shipping progress of your order by logging into the link:

To use this feature, please log in to your Mekongon account. After successful access, the system will redirect to the page “My Order”, which will display detailed information about the processing of your order at Mekongon.COM and delivery partners.

For international express delivery service savings: Goods are directly connected from the main operating station of the to countries around the world within 3 – 9 days.

For ordinary international express service: Shipping to Asia is only 24 hours, Europe and other regions are only 72 hours.

3. Shipping Charges

In order to provide the most suitable choice for customers, orders at Mekongon will be charged a single shipping fee according to the Weight and packing size of the products in the order.

Specifically: The chargeable weight is calculated on the principle of comparison between the actual weight of the cargo (gross weight) and the volumetric weight according to the formula length * width * height (cm) / The larger 5000 units will be used as the basis for the calculation shipping charges.


  • The price does not include fuel surcharge and 10% VAT, excluding import tax in the host country (if any).
  • Additional surcharges apply from time to time.
  • Mekongon has the right to adjust the rates if there is a change in the constituent costs due to the change of the carrier.
  • For ordinary international express service: Applies to the following types of products
    • Dried foods: Dried nuts, Tea, Coffee, Shiitake mushrooms, Wood ear mushrooms, Vermicelli, Dried bamboo shoots, Dried vermicelli, Dried flowers, Cocoa, Spices … (dried products not derived from eggs, meat, milk, fish, shrimp)
    • Cosmetic chemistry: Lipgloss, lotion, shampoo, …
    • Supplements are not liquid

4. Inspection policy on receipt

In order to meet the needs and maximize the protection of customers’ interests when using Mekongon’s services. Mekongon has implemented a policy to support viewing and checking goods upon delivery. Customers receiving goods from the shipping staff can open the Mekongon container seal to inspect the goods.

Note: The inspection will not include opening the product’s own seal (affecting the sealing stamps, product packaging, …) or deep inspection (plugging in, using the test., record data, …).

In the event that the shipping staff requires you to sign a record confirming that the customer has received all products fully and intact (minutes of co-inspection). Mekongon encourages you to make the most of the above benefits before signing the confirmation for the best support in all situations if there is a request for an exchange, you can refer to the information here.

See More: MekongOn-Warranty Policy

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